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The japanese dress, a must in Europe

For women looking for a combination of class and comfort for all events, the japanese dress is ideal. It can be worn in a streetwear way with a pair of sneakers or in a chic way with a pair of pumps, we often confuse it with real evening dresses. Finish your japanese outfit with light heels to make it a perfect office outfit. Prefer sandals or the famous Japanese geta pair to turn it into a casual look.

The traditional japanese dress is composed of a kimono top with drooping sleeves, a long or mid-length skirt respecting the customs of the land of the rising sun and a thin ribbon. Choose this option during special events or during Japanese fireworks. These pieces will highlight your femininity better than any modern japanese dress.

Illuminated by the traditional Japanese costume, the Yukata and the Japanese kimono, the kimono dress for women is nowadays a must-have in the women's wardrobe. According to your morphology, you will have to choose between straight or flared cut to emphasize your silhouette by placing perfectly the belt. This traditional dress is reinvented in the 21st century to become an undeniable glamorous outfit.

Don't wait any longer to contemplate or complete your style with a Japanese fan to please yourself or simply to air yourself during the hot weather and melt for the charm of our collection of Japanese dresses!