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Looking for a japanese wall art? You are at the right place. Browse our large collection of wall decorations for a japanese atmosphere.

The perfect japanese wall art for your walls

Let's start by talking about japanese art and the cultural richness it brings to our daily lives. You've probably heard about or simply seen a representation of the mythical Kanagawa wave which has become a true emblem of Japan over the years.

You will find many triptychs on canvas painted according to the art of Ukiyo-e, ideal for all fans of ancient art. Among all our collection pieces you will find representations of japanese symbols, Geisha, Samurai or Sakura, Cranes or Waves as well as lots of japanese design and kanji paintings. From modern to contemporary or from abstract to concrete, we are sure that you will find your happiness in our collection!

We can help you by giving you some ideas on how to use your printed canvas, how to place several of them in the same color tone and how to create a kind of art museum to bring your friends into your world of japanese passion.

Immerse yourself in more than 50 japanese paintings of all kinds, they all exist in 3 to 4 different sizes depending on your available space, you can decorate any interior, from your bedroom to your living room, from your hallway to your kitchen.

Our japanese artwork, between quality and tradition

It is crucial to specify that our decorative paintings are made of traditional japanese canvases and a particular canva fabric, we ensure consistent materials, resistant and of superior quality in order to preserve the quality and a rendering of particular colors in time. The canva fabric will avoid you any problems of light reflections which attenuate the definition of the impression. Thus, you will have no worries to decorate your interior in a japanese way while keeping a purely traditional style.

We are sure that you will find your happiness in our large selection of wall art. From traditional japanese art with our prints to modern Japanese symbols of today's culture, we can assure you that you will immediately fix your large painting on the wall once you receive your package.

You can find more information about our Japanese paintings via our blog articles, you will learn more about everything related to japanese art and culture!