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Mask culture is very common in Japan and has been introduced in various art forms, such as Noh theater. Today, these masks are also used in traditional Japanese art, festivals and popular culture, such as in the famous Japanese manga and anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Traditional Japanese masks popularized in the world

In Japanese theater, masks allow actors to disguise themselves as characters by hiding their faces. Depending on the light and shadows, the expression of the mask can be changed to express a wide variety of emotions. These masks therefore allow the actor to step aside to make room for the character and express different emotions through the mask.

Among the most popular Japanese masks, there is the Tengu demon mask, characterized by its long nose. There is also the Hannya demon mask, representing a demonic woman seeking revenge. The Kitsune mask, a Japanese fox very well known in folklore. There are also various masks inspired by the history of samurais or Geisha.

The masks in this collection can be used as costume accessories for Cosplay, costume parties or Halloween. They can also be used as decorative objects, placed on a shelf or hung on the wall to create a very traditional Japanese atmosphere in your home.