Japanese Style Mask 'Hanshu'

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Japanese Style Mask

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Add a touch of Japanese culture to your home with our Japanese style wooden mask

The Japanese style mask is a traditional wood carving piece that is made using ancient methods in Japan. Mask carving is a technique that dates back to the prehistoric era in Japan, and has been used to create masks for theater, religious ceremonies and festivals.

The process of carving wooden masks in Japan is very meticulous and requires great skill and dexterity on the part of the artist. First, the artist chooses a piece of high quality wood, such as cypress or cedar, which is known to be strong and durable. Next, he uses a handsaw to cut the wood into the shape of the mask. Once the basic shape of the mask is complete, the artist uses a knife and carving tools to add details and finishes.

The end result is a hand-carved wooden mask that is unique and elegant, reflecting Japanese history and culture. Japanese style masks are an important part of the Japanese theatrical and cultural tradition and are appreciated worldwide for their beauty and quality.

  • Height : 22cm
  • Width : 17cm
  • Material : Wood
  • Hand carved
  • Mask for decorative use only
  • Ideal for a gift or a wall decoration

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