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Discover our wide collection of streetwear hats and buckets to refine your casual style with the image of Japan. For men & women, they are perfect for your summer vacations in the sun by a sandy beach paradise!

streetwear hats

The streetwear hats, the final touch of the outfit

Browse our new collection of streetwear hats among a wide choice of black or colored bobs in a japanese and streetwear spirit for a casual style. The bob is coming back very strong this season, in vogue in the 90's, the bob or bucket hat will protect you from the sun and even from the rain! Of a plain color black, yellow, cream, beige or multicolored with Japanese or atypical patterns, the bob man or bob woman is a fashion accessory to wear in all seasons.

It is essential in your dressing room and your wardrobe can only thank you for it. Accompany it with a Japanese t-shirt, a nice pair of sneakers and above all a timeless pair of cargo shorts. For winter, opt for a pair of skinny jeans, chino pants and a hoodie, finish your look with skate shoes and you're done. Browse all our low cost models now!

The streetwear bucket on all heads!

There was a time when the bob hat was regularly sought after by fishermen. It would be pointless to remind you that all that changed in the late 90s. The emergence of street style has made this headgear more popular than ever before by taking it away from the traditional look. This new wave of popular fashion has made this hat young again. For even more style, don't hesitate to choose Japanese clothing in the colors of your bob in our Japanese store. They will refine your Japanese look to perfection!

We offer bobs for all styles and all seasons! From men's bob hats to women's bob hats and even children's bob hats. You will easily find a chic bob hat or a casual bob hat in our collection of over 50 unique hats. All you have to do is treat yourself during the sales to acquire a real collection!