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Straight from Japan, the kimono is a traditional garment that comes in a multitude of styles to charm western fashion: short or long, lace, floral, transparent, plain, with Japanese motifs or in a cardigan style or even a vest, you will undoubtedly discover your bohemian style.

Trendy and light, the kimono highlights the woman and adds a fine touch of elegance to your look mainly on hot days. It merges perfectly with your fashion pieces: short skirts, long dresses, skinny pants or swimsuits to go to the beach. Moreover, it enhances all morphologies! Discover now the Japanstreet collection.

Kimonos for women, timeless clothes

The women's kimono jacket, also called haori, is a summer must-have for many women who flock to the markets of Tokyo in search of the perfect accessory. They're not looking for something too flashy or worn out, but rather light fabrics with colorful Japanese patterns like those seen on japanese kimonos that have become very popular lately in Western fashion, largely due to their sleek design combined with straight cuts with wide sleeves, making them easy enough to wear with shorts and a t-shirt while still looking refreshing!

A real must-have for the summer wardrobe. The women's kimono can be worn for any occasion, giving you plenty of style options! With its flowing cut that enhances all body types, no matter what type of clothing it is paired with, this atypical kimono often comes with a belt to tie and will quickly become a must-have piece in your wardrobe because there is nothing like enjoying its light satin, cotton or polyester material after spending time inside.

In the summer, under the cherry blossoms, we swap pareos for kimono jackets. They slip on over your bikini, dress up quickly and are perfect if you plan on spending more than an hour outside before saying goodbye tonight! For a sexy look, try pairing them with heels or pumps, but know that these outfits work best when paired with a long jacket (think floral print) tied with its belt under mini shorts that will show off all your curves.

The kimono has been reinvented over the years to become japanese streetwear. This slightly oversized kimono jacket can be paired with short sleeve tees for those who want to give their outfit an edgy look. You will love the Harajuku style of this simple outfit! Sneakers are also essential for this type of outfit.

Women's fashion today is flooded with kimonos, especially when we talk about ready-to-wear. These clothes from Japan are nowadays very innovative in terms of designs. Indeed, the variants of women's kimono are endless in order to have one for every outfit.

How to wear the women's kimono jacket?

Kimonos are a great way to add color, warmth and style to your wardrobe. There are terry cloth or cotton honeycomb kimonos for those who want something light but still covers the essentials, then there's the swim kimono which is made of silk fabric with an open front design so it can be worn over outfits for everyday events like pool days (or anytime)! And finally, we have the japanese inspired design, these designs are available in different colors such as pink and purple combined together, basic white and black, or clever mixes of blues.

Kimono robes or kimono negligees are a great way to transform a boring and stagnant outfit into something much more exciting. The kimono introduced Japan to the West during the colonial period, but it wasn't until after World War II that these loose-fitting clothing became popular again among millennials who had grown up with Japanese culture.

In everyday life, we love the loose fit that makes it easy to dress up, even if you're feeling tired after work or school. Plus, there's no need to stubbornly pin your hem! Also, when someone says "kimono", most people think of those short garments that were first worn by geishas.

The lightweight voile fabric of this short negligee is perfect for any occasion. It can be worn alone or over a nightie to create an elegant yet casual look that will make you feel good about yourself! The outerwear kimono has many options depending on the occasion, so it's no wonder it's such a hit with fashionistas around the world. get your printed women's kimono with a bohemian twist today before our stock runs out!

If you want to give your man a kimono jacket with authentic quality, be sure to check out our men's kimono collection to get the perfect gift or just complete your style!