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You want a casual outfit when you get home? The traditional kimono will be a good choice to be used as Japanese pajamas. Discover our range of yukata and japanese kimono for men now, this authentic garment with Japanese patterns will make you happy!

The Japanese kimono for men, a traditional clothing

In this large collection, you will find traditional clothing, atypical or more common, with short or three-quarter sleeves, comfortable or chic and made of a multitude of textiles such as linen, satin polyester or organic and durable cotton. In the land of the rising sun, japanese men wear these clothes according to the event, whether it is for the exit of an Onsen or for a short walk.

Japan-Clothing is one of the largest and most trusted online stores for men's japanese kimonos. We offer an ever-changing selection of prints, from linear to geometric, abstract to strong cultural representations such as the dragon ryu-jin or a Seigaiha pattern.

In order to attend a festival, a tea ceremony or a Japanese ritual it will be essential for a man to adopt a traditional Japanese garment, the most famous of them being the kimono for men. This garment is usually very comfortable and allows you to feel at ease no matter the place and the situation.

The japanese kimono for men is created from a roll of fabric cut and embroidered in the shape of a T. Nowadays, the kimono for men has entered the western culture through the big door, it is used as a dressing gown or replaces your home clothes for a more atypical elegance. During the evenings with friends, or birthday, it is also used as a disguise, more particularly called "Cosplay".

If you want to wear the kimono perfectly, it is essential to close the left side on the right side and then maintain it with the obi belt. As for the Japanese shoes, it is imperative to opt for the famous geta, this wooden sandal allows the japanese kimono not to be in contact with the ground thanks to its two raised teeth.

The yukata for men, comfortable for summer

Inseparable from the summer season, the traditional yukata for men will keep aeration as well as a lot of style and comfort thanks to its breathable fabric and thinner than the kimono. The yukata for men is one of the most common Japanese traditional garments. In the West, it is more worn in the summer but it is possible to walk around with it during the mid-season or to replace your pajamas during a movie night!

They can be worn with absolutely anything you want. The yukata kimono has been totally democratized over the years to become a part of men's lives but not only! For a complete traditional outfit in the image of the land of the rising sun, make sure you choose the right Japanese geta for a casual look that is completely in line with Japanese tradition.

You arrived here with the aim of offering an original gift to your companion but you also wish to please yourself or simply finalize a traditional style entirely? Feel free to visit our collection of authentic Japanese geta in order not to dirty your kimono or simply finish your outfit!

We would like to point out that the sizes of our kimonos and yukata correspond to Japanese sizes, so it is important to consult the size guide in the descriptions before making your final choice.