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Japanese Cushions, Tradition & Comfort

Do you have a small space where Western chairs take up half of your room? Japanese floor cushions will allow you to add significant space around your coffee table. Stacked in a corner of your home or added as a cushion to elevate your chairs, they take up no space and add a cozy effect as well as a soul to your dwelling. Japanese cushions are ideal for both children and adults. As mentioned before, placed on a bench or a Western chair, these cushions make your furniture much more snug & pleasant while adding a Japanese touch to your interior.

In the land of the rising sun, home furniture is as low as possible and our traditional Western chairs are swapped for zabutons that are set on the floor like tatamis. This Japanese cushion is very flat, often used for tea ceremonies, eating, watching TV, or other daily activities. Traditionally, this cushion is square shaped and ranges from 35cm to 60cm on a side and a few centimeters thick. When the zabuton is thicker, it is called a Zafu and is used as a yoga cushion. In Zen meditation, it is important to sit comfortably on your meditation cushion to find inner peace.

In our collection, you will find square and round cushions, colorful prints or beautiful traditional Japanese patterns. The padding is compact cotton for your utmost comfort and some cushions have a changeable and machine-washable cover. For a decor that follows Japanese art rules in your bedroom, there is nothing better than the powdery cushions with their soft and silky faux fur material. In the summer, these indoor cushions can migrate outside to decorate a garden lounge, for example. Whether they are made of cotton, linen, Japanese fabric, or tatami, our cushions and covers are of high quality, durable, and perfect for adding a warm Japanese touch to your interior decoration.

How to Install a Japanese Futon in Your Home?

At first glance, many envy and would like to recreate the soothing atmosphere of Japanese decoration in their homes. However, adapting this aesthetic to our Western interiors can be complex due to architectural and furniture differences. For example, in a typical Japanese house, it is common to find a relaxing space with a coffee table surrounded by cushions in the dining room, which is not always the case in our Western homes. However, we can give you some ideas to integrate one or more Japanese cushions into your interior decoration.

First, consider an alternative use for the Japanese cushion. Although it is often used to create a warm ambiance and serve as a simple decorative element, its possibilities go far beyond that. For instance, you can use it to meditate and feel perfectly comfortable. Often, meditation practitioners overlook the importance of their environment, which can affect their concentration. Adding one or more Japanese cushions to your decor while using them for meditation can be a practical and aesthetic solution.

Second, Japanese futons can be used to create a relaxation space where family and friends can gather. For this, arrange them around a low table in the Japanese manner. This setup creates a cocoon where you can play board games, have an aperitif, or simply chat. Additionally, if you have a sectional or a simple sofa, you can use the cushions as headrests to rest while sitting or lying down.

Finally, if your dining room does not have the space to accommodate a coffee table and Japanese cushions, you can always install them in your bedroom. This allows creating a warm ambiance and breaking away from the often-industrial style of this room. Beyond the decorative aspect, the cushions can serve as a resting place for reading or watching videos. You can also use them as headrests in your bed. Moreover, if you are the type to leave things around, the Japanese cushions can serve as a temporary storage surface until they are put away.