Japanese Straw Cushion 'Futon'

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Futon' Japanese Straw Cushion Japanstreet
Futon' Japanese Straw Cushion Japanstreet

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One of the most comfortable Japanese Straw Cushions in the land of the rising sun

Incorporating a touch of calm and tradition into your home, the Japanese straw cushion reflects the aesthetics and practicality that define the Japanese art of living. Hand-crafted by expert artisans, this cushion illustrates a perfect union of form and function, symbolizing the simplicity and timeless elegance of Japan. Its woven surface not only appeals to the eye, but also provides a firm, comfortable foundation for relaxation and meditation.

Each woven Japanese cushion is designed to blend harmoniously into a variety of environments, from modern settings to traditional spaces. Thanks to its adaptable design, it can serve as an occasional seat, a footrest, or just as a decorative element that enriches your home with its warmth and texture. The weaving process makes each cushion unique, with fine differences that evoke a story of handcrafted authenticity.

  • Tatami cushion: High-quality braiding
  • Material : Woven straw
  • Hand-woven
  • Cotton padding for maximum comfort
  • Wide choice: 2 models available
  • Free delivery in France, Belgium and Switzerland

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