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Discover our extensive Sukajan collection of more than 40 exceptional traditionally made models. Adopt this cult Japanese garment for a casual style like this timeless japanese bomber jacket

sukajan & japanese bomber jacket

The Sukajan, a cult clothing in Japan

A Sukajan souvenir jacket, designed and embroidered in Japan will make a good impression on people of all ages. However, selecting a Sukajan is not a simple matter and must be done with care. Originally, these outfits were fully customizable and tailored to personalities. Thus, the japanese bomber jacket you choose for yourself must have something that represents your spirit.

To put it more bluntly, these souvenir jackets should have a meaning to the wearer. To design the perfect Sukajan, you need to understand the cultural history behind this amazing and unique outfit. That's where each item in our collection comes in. All of the Sukajan souvenir jackets we offer are perfectly representative of the original purpose for which these Japanese jackets were designed.

Sukajan jacket, this bomber souvenir of the war

Originating from Japan and appearing more precisely after the Second World War, the sukajan jacket or otherwise called "souvenir bomber" are stolen by the American soldiers occupying the territory. At that time, the colors and the design as well as the mixture of Western and Eastern influence represented the novelty and the freshness.

As a result, we had Japanese motifs such as Japanese dragons, tigers or sakuras next to the American eagles typical of the American army and also a symbol of this nation. Its cut resembling an aviator's bomber or teddy and its careful silk tailoring have become the hunting ground of vintage hunters and modern designers in search of traditions. The Sukajan is a baseball jacket, but prettier, brighter and much more dressy.

The japanese bomber jacket as time goes on

The most popular trend in Japan in the sixties was a casual look oriented towards American best sellers but Japanese gangs and Yakuza bitterly boycotted this American fashion. To counteract this hated fashion, they wore the Japanese bomber "Sukajan" as a form of rebellion.

These vintage pieces which are now collector's items with their imitation velvet very often reversible are a must-have of modern fashion and streetwear. This hold to wear it would be crazy so much these pieces are mythical. Add a little Japanese sweater or a flannel shirt for a retro outfit with a touch of history. Don't hesitate to combine your sukajan with the very famous streetwear pants to adopt an urban style mixed with Japanese culture! You will put your finger on a casual look ideal for moving even during the winter days.