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Welcome to our FAQ section, where our goal is to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to the most common questions. Whether you have questions about our products, our policies, or any other topic, you'll likely find the information you need here.
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Learn more about the brand and its history?

Japan Clothing is a French clothing brand established in 2020 by two young individuals passionate about Japanese fashion. Inspired by urban culture and the avant-garde spirit of Harajuku, the brand offers unique and original clothing for men and women who like to stand out.

What are the main sources of inspiration for the designs?

Japan-Clothing designs draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, from traditional Japanese culture to contemporary streetwear. The brand enjoys exploring new trends and mixing styles to create unique and original looks.

Have you collaborated with other brands or designers?

Japan-Clothing is always looking for new collaborations with brands and designers who share its values.

How does Japan-Clothing differentiate itself in the current market?

Japan-Clothing sets itself apart in the current market with its unique and original style as well as its quality. The brand is committed to offering a unique and personalized customer experience.

The Unconventional Japanese Clothing Store

Japan-Clothing is a Japanese store catering to fans of Japanese streetwear.

Our goal is simple: to make Japanese streetwear and access to Japanese culture available to the masses. It is with this goal in mind that our team works to create tomorrow's fashion trends at the lowest prices, from traditional Japanese garments and hoodies to the famous Geta sandals and streetwear pants.

Thus, it will be easy for you to find traditional items like Japanese kimonos or kimono jackets, as well as trendy Japanese urban fashion. Our store navigates between tradition and modernity. Discover the Japanese world now with Japanese Clothing.

A true cornerstone of Japanese fashion, the Japanese kimono is typically made of cotton or silk. This traditional Japanese garment is worn at special events or for cosplay and is often adorned with traditional Japanese patterns in a solid color, not forgetting what adds to the charm of the Japanese style kimono: the obi belt with its rather unique knot!

Today, the traditional Japanese kimono and all its variants such as the Yukata, kimono cardigan, kimono jacket also known as haori, and even the kimono pajama, have become embedded in Western fashion.

Its loose fit, soft fabric, traditional Japanese prints, and three-quarter sleeves make this Japanese garment a complete outfit for achieving a relaxed, chic, and classy Japanese style.

The Fusion of Japanese Clothing and Streetwear

Japan-Clothing is a benchmark in Japanese fashion. With clothes styled for both streetwear and traditional wear, this store specializing in Japanese culture sources from Asian countries to consistently surprise and satisfy its customers with constant innovation. Passionate about Japanese culture for years, Japan-Clothing stands out by offering a multitude of original traditional Japanese garments and updates its collections each season to bring more new items into your daily life.

Our online Japanese store is very popular in major cities like Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. We also have the latest models of Japanese clothing, whether for children with a relaxed style, for adults in a traditional Japanese setting, or for teenagers in an urban style inspired by Tokyo or Harajuku. We are currently the number one shop for Japanese streetwear while continuing to bring in fresh new items every month!

Let yourself go while browsing through the many collections of our Japanese store. We are confident that you will easily find the latest fashionable kimono, whether for men or women. Or perhaps one of our hundreds of kimono jackets with Japanese patterns and prints will fill your wardrobe to kick off a summer season full of freshness in a relaxed look with a bit of street style. Moreover, you will find in our Japanese store a variety of embroidered Japanese jackets called Sukajan as well as bombers, not to mention the very famous Japanese sweatshirt!

From Japanese Kimono to Urban Fashion

Halfway between Japanese tradition and urban culture, Japanese clothing is increasingly trendy.

Japanese prints or embroidery on the one side, and an oversized cut for the street style side, perfect for a fashion-forward relaxed look. Comfortable and roomy, embark on a gentle journey to the Land of the Rising Sun by donning your Japanese sweatshirt, Japanese t-shirt, and cargo pants.

Japan-Clothing features a range of Japanese products for all ages. From Japanese streetwear to traditional garments, not to mention an essential part of the land of the rising sun, Japanese decor!

In search of a specific Japanese garment to complete your style? You will easily find the perfect kimono jacket for a relaxing summer while staying well-dressed. Don't forget to pair it with traditional Japanese footwear for a complete Japanese look.

La geta japonaise se porte principalement avec des chaussettes tabi et un kimono long pour une élégance sans pareille. Elle permet aussi de remplacer les tongs avec un vêtement d'intérieur pour un parfait compromis entre confort et délicatesse à la touche japonaise.