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日 本 の ナ ン バ ー ワ ン シ ョ ッ プ の 歴 史 に 迫 る

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日 本 の ナ ン バ ー ワ ン シ ョ ッ プ の 歴 史 に 迫 る

One goal, one ambition, one community.

Discover the history of the emblematic brand of Japanese streetwear left to conquer Europe.

日 本 の ナ ン バ ー ワ ン シ ョ ッ プ の 歴 史 に 迫 る


Real key element of Japanese fashion, the Japanese kimono is regularly made of cotton or silk. This traditional japanese clothing is worn during special events or for cosplay, it is often composed of traditional Japanese patterns in a plain color without forgetting what makes the charm of the japanese style kimono: the obi belt with a rather atypical knot!

Nowadays, the traditional japanese kimono and all its variants such as the Yukata, the kimono cardigan, the kimono jacket also called haori or the kimono pajamas are anchored in the western fashion.

Its loose fit, soft fabric, traditional japanese prints and three-quarter length sleeves make this japanese clothing a complete outfit to finalize a casual, chic and classy Japanese style.


Japan-Clothing has a range of japanese products for all ages. From japanese streetwear to traditional without forgetting the essential part in the land of the rising sun, japanese decor!

Looking for a specific japanese dress to complement your style? You'll easily find the perfect kimono cardigan for a relaxing summer while staying well-dressed. Don't forget to equip the traditional Japanese shoe for a complete Japanese look.

The japanese geta is mainly worn with tabi socks and a long kimono for an unparalleled elegance. It can also replace flip-flops with an inner garment for a perfect compromise between comfort and delicacy with a japanese touch.

The japanese clothing & streetwear store

Japan-Clothing is a reference in japanese fashion. With streetwear but also traditional clothing, this store specialized in japanese culture sources its products from Asian countries to satisfy and surprise its customers with a constant innovation. Passionate about Japanese culture for years, Japanstreet stands out and offers a multitude of original traditional japanese clothes and updates its collections every season for always more novelty in your daily life.

Our japanese online store is very popular in major cities. We also have the latest models of japanese clothing, whether they are for children in a casual style, for adults in a traditional Japanese universe or for teenagers in an urban style inspired by Tokyo or Harajuku. We are now the number one shop for japanese streetwear and we continue to bring this wind of renewal with new pieces every month!

Let yourself go by browsing through the multiple collections of our japanese store. We are sure you will find the latest fashionable kimono for both men and women. Or one of our hundreds of kimono jackets with Japanese patterns and prints will fill your wardrobe for a cool summer look with a street style twist. Moreover, you will find in our Japan store a lot of Japanese embroidered jackets called Sukajan as well as bombers without forgetting the very famous japanese hoodie!