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Welcome to our FAQ section, where our goal is to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to the most common questions. Whether you have questions about our products, our policies, or any other topic, you'll likely find the information you need here.
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Learn more about the brand and its history?

Japan Clothing is a French clothing brand established in 2020 by two young individuals passionate about Japanese fashion. Inspired by urban culture and the avant-garde spirit of Harajuku, the brand offers unique and original clothing for men and women who like to stand out.

What are the main sources of inspiration for the designs?

Japan-Clothing designs draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, from traditional Japanese culture to contemporary streetwear. The brand enjoys exploring new trends and mixing styles to create unique and original looks.

Have you collaborated with other brands or designers?

Japan-Clothing is always looking for new collaborations with brands and designers who share its values.

How does Japan-Clothing differentiate itself in the current market?

Japan-Clothing sets itself apart in the current market with its unique and original style as well as its quality. The brand is committed to offering a unique and personalized customer experience.

The Unconventional Japanese Clothing Store

Japan-Clothing is a Japanese store catering to fans of Japanese streetwear.

Our goal is simple: to make Japanese streetwear and access to Japanese culture available to the masses. It is with this goal in mind that our team works to create tomorrow's fashion trends at the lowest prices, from traditional Japanese garments and hoodies to the famous Geta sandals and streetwear pants.

Thus, it will be easy for you to find traditional items like Japanese kimonos or kimono jackets, as well as trendy Japanese urban fashion. Our store navigates between tradition and modernity. Discover the Japanese world now with Japanese Clothing.

A true cornerstone of Japanese fashion, the Japanese kimono is typically made of cotton or silk. This traditional Japanese garment is worn at special events or for cosplay and is often adorned with traditional Japanese patterns in a solid color, not forgetting what adds to the charm of the Japanese style kimono: the obi belt with its rather unique knot!

Today, the traditional Japanese kimono and all its variants such as the Yukata, kimono cardigan, kimono jacket also known as haori, and even the kimono pajama, have become embedded in Western fashion.

Its loose fit, soft fabric, traditional Japanese prints, and three-quarter sleeves make this Japanese garment a complete outfit for achieving a relaxed, chic, and classy Japanese style.

The Fusion of Streetwear Clothing and Traditional

Japan-Clothing is a benchmark in Japanese fashion. With clothes styled for both streetwear and traditional wear, this store specializing in Japanese culture sources from Asian countries to consistently surprise and satisfy its customers with constant innovation. Passionate about Japanese culture for years, Japan-Clothing stands out by offering a multitude of original traditional Japanese garments and updates its collections each season to bring more new items into your daily life.

Our online Japanese store is very popular in major cities like Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. We also have the latest models of Japanese clothing, whether for children with a relaxed style, for adults in a traditional Japanese setting, or for teenagers in an urban style inspired by Tokyo or Harajuku. We are currently the number one shop for Japanese streetwear while continuing to bring in fresh new items every month!

Let yourself go while browsing through the many collections of our Japanese store. We are confident that you will easily find the latest fashionable kimono, whether for men or women. Or perhaps one of our hundreds of kimono jackets with Japanese patterns and prints will fill your wardrobe to kick off a summer season full of freshness in a relaxed look with a bit of street style. Moreover, you will find in our Japanese store a variety of embroidered Japanese jackets called Sukajan as well as bombers, not to mention the very famous Japanese sweatshirt!

From Japanese Kimono to Urban Fashion

Halfway between Japanese tradition and urban culture, Japanese clothing is increasingly trendy.

Japanese prints or embroidery on the one side, and an oversized cut for the street style side, perfect for a fashion-forward relaxed look. Comfortable and roomy, embark on a gentle journey to the Land of the Rising Sun by donning your Japanese sweatshirt, Japanese t-shirt, and cargo pants.

Japan-Clothing features a range of Japanese products for all ages. From Japanese streetwear to traditional garments, not to mention an essential part of the land of the rising sun, Japanese decor!

In search of a specific Japanese garment to complete your style? You will easily find the perfect kimono jacket for a relaxing summer while staying well-dressed. Don't forget to pair it with traditional Japanese footwear for a complete Japanese look.

The Japanese geta is mainly worn with tabi socks and a long kimono for unparalleled elegance. It can also replace flip-flops with indoor clothing for a perfect compromise between comfort and delicacy with a Japanese touch.

Welcome to our Japanese store

The Japan-Clothing store is the number 1 shop in France for Japanese clothing. Are you a fan of Japanese culture and its kimono jackets? Then you are in the right place. You just have to find your happiness among more than 1000 references on the theme of Japan.

In collaboration with dozens of Japanese brands and artists from around the world, we have built a real growing community around this Japanese store. Our team knows Japan inside out and could tell you its history since the Kamakura period. Present since the first imports of traditional Japanese clothing in France, we strive to supply our store with the most beautiful Japanese clothes to satisfy our customers.

Why buy on

After our years of experience and happiness spent with Maneki-Neko and Daruma, we make it a point to share our love for the world of Japan and its culture of traditions. Indeed, the land of the rising sun perfectly combines streetwear and traditional fashion.

We add products daily in reference to the world of Japan and thanks to our network of associated stores, we offer exclusive and unique models to our store. The quality of our offered Japanese items is paramount and each order is satisfied or refunded. Additionally, we do our utmost to honor our delivery times worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a haori or a kimono jacket to have a soft and stylish summer, a Japanese t-shirt or simply a Japanese sweater to give an urban touch to your daily outfit, a Japanese kimono for men or women to introduce you to traditional Japanese culture, a sukajan or Japanese bomber to awaken your rebellious spirit and trace the history of Japan through embroidery, streetwear pants or a Japanese dress to create a unique look during your city walks (opt for Japanese geta if you want to match your kimono, otherwise, simply wear a nice pair of Japanese sneakers). A streetwear bob or a Japanese cap to protect you from the sun with class or a Japanese canvas painting to finalize a quality Japanese interior decoration, you will surely find your happiness in our online Japanese store!

Our Japanese decoration

Japanese decoration, artisanal and zen

The zen spirit is a way of life in its own right in the land of the rising sun. The minimalist, spacious, and refined style is making a strong comeback in our western homes, heavily inspired by the interior decorations of Japanese houses. Most of the time, traditional Japanese houses feature modern furniture of quite small size and a very sparsely furnished space to highlight the charm of the neat interior and tatami floor (a material made from IGUSA). This is where the aesthetic concept derived from zen Buddhist principles of Japanese decor lies.

We will share with you 4 crucial elements to set up your Japanese interior:

1. Light: Get rid of excess decoration without symbols or meanings to make room for more light to bring out the essentials. It is one of the basics to create a cozy space in all sobriety. Letting light in will thus bring you the serenity you lacked.

2. Functionality: In Japanese decorative objects or furniture for your interiors, it is important that each decorative object has a more or less significant meaning, whether in the history of Japan or simply for you. The most popular are the Japanese ceramic vase or Ikebana vase, the Bonsai, the Maneki Neko, the statue such as the Buddha statue or the pouf, the lamps, or other objects like the wall decoration or lamps that will bring out a zen and luminous decoration. Make the right choice among these examples because it is crucial to never overload your interior!

3. Color: Bright red is a symbolic color in Japan if you want to decorate a room in a Japanese spirit because it is synonymous with luck and happiness. Japanese decors very commonly use natural tones such as beige, brown, gray, bringing calm, order, and a zen ambiance to a room in your house or simply in a child's room.

Choose a soothing color as a background for your walls (off-white, for example) ensuring a calming atmosphere combined with soft light from a few Japanese balls. Buddhism, through Yin and Yang, invites you to play on contrasts to find your balance. Counterbalance the sobriety of your walls with a neutral dye, a Japanese cherry blossom painting, or any other Japanese wall decoration from Japanese art to bring a healthy softness.

4. Nature: Some futon beds offer woven straw tatamis. You can also choose bamboo, a material increasingly used. Bamboo is easily present in bedrooms, for frames, blinds, Bento boxes...

The water fountain, trickling over polished stones, is also a classic of the zen accessory. Nothing like a low and rustic table and poufs, floor cushions or low sofas leaving an opening onto the Japanese garden for a minimalism-inspired corner, ideal for reading and relaxation.

Explore our Japanese decor to enhance your interior

We can still give you some tips and ideas for creating a Japanese decor at home that will bring a refined atmosphere while adhering to the codes of zen and Buddhist inspiration for a peaceful interior.

You can start by adding nuances to your Japanese room, whether with wallpaper or wonderful Japanese paintings reflecting traditional art or your favorite anime manga. Wall stickers can also be a nice alternative to Japanese paintings, original & cozy, they will replace a garland or other Japanese decorative objects for your bedroom. You could also opt for a Noren, these traditional curtains are perfect to replace a western door and its industrial style, the Noren will enhance the cocooning style without completely separating your rooms.

For home decoration, cushion covers are great decorating ideas. They will bring a cozy and design decoration to dress up your interior. The cushions or "Zabutons" are the final touch for the house and make your interior decoration warm. You will also find a multitude of Japanese figurines like the famous Maneki Neko for your shelves and Darumas as well as Japanese masks.

It's high time for you to make your own choice accompanied by our advice and decide on which piece of decoration you will fall for! Bring a Japanese air and renewal throughout your house: living room, office, kitchen, bedroom, everything is changeable! Create the Japanese space that suits you among a selection of objects and design decor. Let yourself be seduced by a type of decoration and bring a Japanese touch wherever you go.

Japanese paintings

Our Japanese clothing store also offers a wide range of Japanese paintings and canvases created in partnership with Japanese artists and from around the world. These independent artists, with styles and cultures close to Japan, create unique works inspired by views of Mount Fuji, the Wave of Kanagawa, geishas and samurais, and the famous blooming sakura. Each Japanese painting is designed to best match the Japanese culture and conveys strong emotions through these unique designs.

All our canvases benefit from 3D digital printing with superior technique and quality. We have selected canvas fabric as the priority support thanks to its protective properties and rendering that enhances our Japanese works, the paintings of the Japan-Clothing store retain bright colors and will not lose any brilliance when exposed to light.

You will be able to choose from several existing formats depending on your desires. Prefer the size 40x60cm for small rooms or a size 70x105 with its wooden support to decorate an entire wall with traditional Japanese patterns. You will also be able to choose between the painting without support or with its wooden support.

Don't wait any longer to take a look at our Japanese prints, these boards engraved during the Edo era in Japan and using the Ukiyo-e technique. These prints can replace Japanese paintings to bring a more ancestral air thanks to its moistened paper and its Chinese ink calligraphy. If you want to decorate your kitchen, don't forget the famous Japanese Noren to replace your kitchen door with a split fabric to pass through easily.

The Japanese clothing and its authentic style

Do you want to discover the best clothes from Japan? Welcome, you are at the right address. This category includes all Japanese outfits in a streetwear or traditional style that you are likely to love. Browse our bestsellers to update your wardrobe and outfits during the seasons.

Each of our Japanese style clothes is carefully selected by our designers and our team to exclusively offer you long-lasting resistant clothes with a 3D digital printing design or traditional Japanese embroidery! If you are looking for one of these pieces, we surely have it. You will inevitably find what you have been looking for a long time in the collections of our Japanese store! And let us tell you more.

As you probably know, in our society, clothes make the man. That’s what we believe at Japan-Clothing. Why, you ask? Because the clothing or style you adopt gives people the power to judge and more or less know your passions. And wearing Japanese clothing is the assurance of making others notice your love for the culture of the rising sun and thus engage in a conversation on topics like manga, anime, or Japanese streetwear.

Our community is filled with people looking for a unique, sometimes quirky, or clearly rebellious style. If Japanese youth is equal to French youth on one point, it would be autonomy and escaping the daily grind. For this, it is important to start differentiating yourself in terms of outfit and opt for a look that matches your state of mind and thoughts to escape the casual style.

Our life is not healthy and remains filled with stress, the men wearing our clothes have perfectly understood this! It is important to cling to things that bring us a little serenity to ease our pressure and our clothes do it very well, indeed, whether through Japanese patterns like the wave of Kanagawa, sakura flowers, or landscapes like Mount Fuji. They will be the key to wisdom, in your life as in your style!

Our Japanese sweatshirts are the most appreciated models of this collection. The unique and completely immersed style in the gentle Japanese culture offers a moment of respite in the hearts of those who wear them. Start your initiation now with pieces easy to combine for a smooth style transition!

For the more advanced among you, we have an exceptional collection of sukajans and Japanese bombers, all traditionally embroidered in Japan. These jackets were once worn by the Yakuza during the post-war period! Also, don't hesitate to take a look at our kimono jackets and haori to get closer to the rebellious and historically rich Japanese culture.

Find the perfect piece in our large Japanese store with over 500 traditional Japanese clothes for the greatest pleasure of men and women!

Japanese hoodies and sweaters

Our Japanese sweatshirts are embroidered and designed ecologically and made from soft, durable, and organic cotton. They come in a multitude of colors and designs, whether you prefer pullovers, hooded sweatshirts, or sweatshirts, we surely have what you need. The Japanese hoodie is a perfect representation of urban and streetwear style, it alone can change your outfit depending on its pattern. You will find in our bestsellers Japanese writing sweatshirts or traditional Japanese embroidery for a relaxed and streetwear look. Don't miss the Japanese print sweatshirt in a sportswear style during your mid-season walks.

Japanese patterns are an excellent way to add some creativity to your outfit. If you opt for a more elegant look, adding patterns to your Japanese t-shirt will help diversify its appearance.

Japanese t-shirts

The Japanese style t-shirt has become the basic element of the wardrobe of all those who want to travel back in time. The roots of this garment are deep, and it stands out as one of the many traditional Japanese clothes that men and women wear every day but this particular style is simple enough for you to easily dress it up or harmonize it accordingly. You can now get a t-shirt with Japanese patterns as many stores sell this type of clothing. By wearing these t-shirts, you will be very trendy and in Harajuku fashion since the patterns are all the rage in Europe.

Our collection of traditional Japanese clothing

The Japanese kimono

The Japanese kimono is one of the most recognizable traditional garments in the world. The word kimono literally means "clothing", and until the mid-19th century, it was the form of clothing worn by everyone in Japan. This began to slowly change with the importation of costume dresses and other Western fashions during the Meiji era.

Thanks to the popularity of ukiyo-e woodblock prints in the West in the early last century, the young girl dressed in a kimono became one of the quintessential images of Japan. Dressing in kimono and other accessories of the geisha or maiko is still one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting or Europeans for cosplay or gently introducing themselves to traditional Japanese fashion.

These are in a way yukata or traditional furisodes, beautifully designed and characterized by their color and character. At Japan-Clothing, we have gathered the best collection of women's & men's kimonos. If you are looking for an extra layer to make an outfit shine, we recommend taking a kimono, we have a selection for men and women. Long and short kimonos offer many layering possibilities for your Japanese outfits.

Haori and kimono cardigan

They are versatile, whether it's a casual outfit or a formal event, the kimono jacket will be ideal to wear. Add a touch of color for evenings with a short fringed kimono, or take the sun in a long kimono paired with denim shorts. Kimonos even have their place in your work wardrobe, just choose solid colors and simple cuts. From Japanese or geometric patterns to floral kimonos, we have selected a beautiful range of feminine & masculine kimonos that you will not see anywhere else.

Japanese pajamas

While the kimono and yukata are traditionally a single draped layer tied with a belt, the jinbei or Japanese pajamas come in the form of a pajama set or short set, two pieces and a jacket. Originally, they were used as house clothes for men, but they are quickly gaining popularity with women as well thanks to their often atypical print and relaxed style for both women and men. Men's jinbei are a bit closer to Western-style clothes than an evening robe Yukata. They are therefore less of an open "statement" of tradition. They are also easier to put on and take off, as you don't have to worry about tying your obi belt.

The obi belt

Do you want to know a secret? The star of the traditional Japanese outfit is actually an accessory in its own right. Do you want to know what this other thing is? Simply the obi belt. Most of the Obi produced today come from a region of Kyoto called Nishijin. This region has been the center of the Japanese textile industry since the 16th century. Nishijin is well known for its high-quality silks and used to supply textiles for the imperial courts and samurai lords. There is a style of silk known as Nishijin-Ori which is a weaving technique requiring great skill and whose production is very costly.

The Japanese fan

The Japanese fan is a highly recognizable icon of Japanese culture and is part of an ancient Japanese creation craft whose origins are only found in Japan. Much more than just a Japanese accessory for fanning, Japanese fans are intimately linked to the long and fascinating history of the land of the rising sun. Today, they remain an important artistic medium and an elegant fashion accessory. We give you a brief overview of everything you need to know about fans, their history, influences, and uses.

The Japanese geta

The famous wooden geta are here for you! Our collection includes a variety of models to complete any traditional Japanese outfits, whatever the occasion. Japanese sandals are an ideal way to complete your cosplay costume and a simple way to wear shoes when you go for short walks. Choose from our collection and find the perfect pair for you today.

Traditional Japanese shoes are the ancestors of our current flip-flops. Generally worn with a kimono, these simple yet elegant shoes have been an integral part of Japanese culture since their appearance hundreds of years ago! The soles of these old shoes can be made of wood or plant material, giving them that characteristic "rubber toe" feeling you love so much, without being unnecessarily bulky, allowing you to walk around the city looking like a real Japanese person. They are mainly found during ceremonies, festivals, or on the feet of geishas during Japanese theaters.

History tells us that geta were used as everyday shoes during the Edo period. These wooden sandals with an elevated sole allowed them to walk longer distances without getting tired, which was important since few people had access to or wanted motorized vehicles at that time. They often wore their kimono over it, as seen in photos from that era!

The landmark of traditional Japanese clothing

Traditional fashion is not designed by sophisticated and refined designers. It emerges locally. It is rather a matter of tradition and culture. So far, the most important Japanese garment is traditional Japanese clothing. It instills culture in young and old around the world! Local and foreign brands are well aware of Japanese fashion. It has a great influence on the mainstream fashion industry! Although there has been an obvious change in styles, Tokyo still carries its pride and honor.

On, we offer you the best of Japanese fashion at extremely affordable prices. Come and get traditional styles or extraordinary street styles. Our online store offers the most flamboyant and renowned traditional designs in the land of the rising sun. They have been carefully chosen especially for those wanting to step into Japanese clothing. Teenagers are often very conscious of their style. They seek variety in everything they wear. For them, fashion is akin to an act of self-expression.

Buy Japanese fashion because it has spread on large runways. It went from daring to mass-market in no time, especially concerning Europe. People from all countries have understood that there is an enthusiasm for traditional or street Japanese clothing worldwide. It is part of their routine and gives them a lively air and particular expression through their style. For an elegant and chic look during the mid-season, it will be preferable to turn to the women's kimono, it will allow you to keep a traditional Japanese and streetwear style at the same time!

The advantages of ordering from our Japanese store

The Japan-Clothing store is the number 1 shop in France for Japanese streetwear and Japanese clothing. As mentioned above, we only work with qualified and recognized partners in their fields. Thanks to this network, we can offer exclusive and unique products, always at more attractive prices for our customers. The quality of the items sold in our stores is a priority and we do not tolerate any deviation from this rule. We receive hundreds of partnership requests from suppliers but only a few are accepted because we scrupulously monitor the quality, fidelity, and ecological footprint of each product.

Despite the health crisis, we strive to meet the delivery deadlines set when ordering. As a reminder, delivery is free in all countries of the world. Japan-Clothing delivers to more than 30 countries worldwide in partnership with several carriers.

We have a customer service available from Monday to Friday with a response guarantee within 24 hours. If you have any questions about your order or a specific product, do not hesitate to contact us. Available and attentive, our team is there to answer your questions.

All payment methods available on our online Japanese store are of course 100% secure. We only use platforms recognized for their buyer protection such as (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) but also Apple Pay.

With Japan-Clothing you choose quality and security.

Join the team and see you soon in our online Japanese store!