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The streetwear shirt for everyone

Ideal for the warm season, the summer shirt remains a wardrobe staple. Combining elegance and comfort, it suits all occasions, whether for the office, various outings, or refined evenings. Both modern and timeless, you will be delighted by the ease with which you wear your Japanstreet short-sleeved shirt. Although the linen shirt is a summer classic, cotton is also an excellent option.

How to choose your streetwear shirt?

The Japanstreet catalog offers a wide selection of summer shirts. Here are some tips to select the ideal model.

Colors and patterns

When selecting the colors and patterns of your short-sleeved shirt, prioritize harmony and simplicity. Classic tones such as pastels or monochromes are recommended. For patterns, opt for subtle designs to maintain a chic and elegant look in any situation. It is also advised to avoid mixing different patterns in the same outfit. A classic white shirt or a long-sleeved denim shirt will always be tasteful.

The collar

The choice of collar is crucial as it influences the overall style of the shirt. For example, an American collar enhances the elegance of the outfit, while a Mao collar offers a more original look by highlighting the neck. With a wide range of styles, from round collars to mandarin collars, choose the one that ideally complements your look.


The summer short-sleeved shirt stands alone and does not require additional accessories. Take this opportunity to store away ties and bow ties. A blazer can overshadow the beauty of the shirt, so prefer the simplicity of a shirt worn with blue jeans or chinos. For cooler days, a sleeveless vest can be a wise addition.

Styles to adopt with a summer shirt

Casual chic style

Opt for a solid or printed model, such as a floral or striped shirt, for your summer events. However, maintain a measured approach in your choices to avoid fashion mistakes. Pair it with fitted trousers or bermuda shorts and dress shoes for an effortless look.

More formal style

The fabric of the shirt is key to the style. Prefer cotton for its comfort and choose solid colors for more discretion. Pair your shirt with chinos and skip the suit jacket.

Discover in this collection a variety of styles including denim shirts, long-striped shirts, oxford shirts, and slim shirts to brighten up your summer outfits.