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The Japanese shirts, the timeless japanese style

As time goes by and styles change, the japanese t-shirt has become the timeless and essential garment of your wardrobe. Between softness and comfort, it knows how to adapt to your looks or your atypical outfits. Nowadays, there is a multitude of variants! Wear your Japanese patterned t-shirt in a casual and oversized look to affirm your passion for the land of the rising sun while keeping a trendy style. Forget the casual of your current wardrobe and replace it with a unique outfit.

All of our japanese shirt are made entirely of 100% cotton for exceptional quality. Some of them feature Japanese-style embroidery. Its thick and soft fabric will keep you warm even during the winter period.

For summer, its fabric and oversize cut let your skin breathe. These t-shirts are unisex, for men or women. It won't make a difference.  Wear it wide for a relaxed or streetwear style. By winter temperature, favor the Japanese sweatshirt, it's kind of the thick variant with long sleeves of the tee-shirt!

Why wear japanese style t-shirt?

The styles of Japan are probably the most popular for graphic clothing. This is due to a wide variety of fashions and a creative community. Also favored by an endless source of inspiration, Japan. Indeed, between modernity and traditional culture, the inspiration is endless for japanese designs.

Whether you're a fan of anime and manga or something more traditional like the great wave of Kanagawa, you can always find the piece you like. Unique and new items are also favored by Tokyo's wide variety of fashions offering us things that only the Japanese aesthetic has the power to create.

If you're a fan of these designs, you'll probably like our collection of japanese inspired t-shirts. A collection where we wanted to mix everything that the land of the rising sun can offer us in terms of authenticity. Between anime or Japanese art, any fan of Japanese style will be able to find a t-shirt that suits him.

The collection is also very inspired by the streetwear of Tokyo with comfortable clothing. You can also find long sleeve or oversized t-shirts worthy of the Harajuku district. In short, items that can delight many fans of Japan in addition to having a quality manufacturing.

A wide choice of japanese tee shirt

Finally, the japanese style shirt has multiple assets to enter your life thanks to its atypical cut able to add value to your body shape. It makes it a timeless and completely timeless pillar piece. You'll also love the mind-boggling number of traditional patterns and vivid colors they tackle. They are regularly adorned with a variety of Japanese symbols for every taste.

Truly timeless, the japanese pattern t-shirt can be worn for any occasion and will blend with any piece in your wardrobe. Opt for a classic round neck or oversized cut that will suit your body type. Printed or embroidered, this japanese style t-shirt is a timeless cultural piece.

Originally, this t-shirt was a very masculine piece but it is no longer reserved for men and we find it today in the women's wardrobe, regularly worn with mini shorts or slim in summer. For a casual look during the winter season, we mix it with a sukajan or Japanese bomber and streetwear pants. It's time to refine your urban and sober style to stand out with an original look.