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Japanese Decoration: Craftsmanship and Zen

The zen spirit is a complete way of life in the Land of the Rising Sun. The minimalist, spacious, and uncluttered style is making a strong comeback in our Western homes, heavily inspired by the interior decorations of Japanese homes. Most of the time, traditional Japanese homes feature modern, relatively small furniture and sparsely furnished spaces to highlight the charm of the neat interior and tatami flooring (made from IGUSA). This aesthetic concept is derived from Zen Buddhist principles of Japanese decor.

We will share with you four crucial elements for setting up your Japanese interior:

Light: Remove excess decorations without symbolic meanings or significance to allow more light to emphasize the essentials. This is one of the foundations for creating a cozy, understated space. Letting in light will bring you the serenity you've been missing.

Functionality: In Japanese decorative objects or furniture for your interiors, it is important that each decorative item has some significance, whether it relates to Japanese history or simply to you. The most popular items are ceramic Japanese vases or Ikebana vases, Bonsai trees, Maneki Neko, statues or statuettes like Buddha statues, poufs, lamps, or other items like wall decor or lights that will highlight a zen and bright decoration. Make the right choice among these examples, as it is crucial not to overload your interior!

Color: Bright red is a symbolic color in Japan, often used to decorate a room with a Japanese spirit because it symbolizes luck and happiness. Japanese decor commonly uses natural shades such as beige, brown, and gray, bringing calm, order, and a zen atmosphere to a room in your home or a child's bedroom.

Choose a soothing color for your walls (an off-white, for example) to ensure a calming atmosphere, combined with dim lighting from some Japanese lanterns. Buddhism, through Yin and Yang, invites you to play with opposites to find your balance. Thus, counterbalance the simplicity of your walls with a neutral tint, a Japanese cherry blossom painting, or any other Japanese wall decor to bring a healthy softness.

Nature: Some futon beds offer tatami mats, woven, straw mats. You can also choose bamboo, a material increasingly used. Bamboo is commonly found in bedrooms, for frames, blinds, and Bento boxes.

A water fountain trickling over polished stones is also a classic zen accessory. Nothing beats a rustic coffee table and low poufs, floor cushions, or low sofas, with an opening to a Japanese garden for a minimalism-inspired corner, ideal for reading and relaxation.

Explore Our Japanese Decor to Enhance Your Interior

We can provide you with more tips and decoration ideas to create a Japanese-style decor at home that will bring a refined atmosphere while adhering to the codes of zen and Buddhist inspiration for a peaceful interior.

You can start by adding nuances to your Japanese room, whether with wallpaper or beautiful Japanese paintings inspired by traditional art or your favorite anime manga. Wall stickers can also be a great alternative to Japanese paintings, original & cozy, replacing garlands or other decorative items for your bedroom. You can also opt for a Noren; these traditional curtains are perfect for replacing a Western door and its industrial style, reinforcing the cocooning style without completely separating your rooms.

For home decoration, cushion covers are beautiful decor ideas. They will bring a design and cozy touch to dress up your interior. Cushions or "Zabutons" are the final touch for the home, making your interior decor warm. You will also find a multitude of Japanese figurines like the famous Maneki Neko for your shelves, Darumas, and Japanese masks.

It's high time for you to make your own choice, accompanied by our advice, and decide which decorative item you will fall for! Bring a Japanese flair and freshness to your entire home: living room, office, kitchen, bedroom—everything is modifiable! Create a Japanese space that reflects you, choosing from a selection of stylish objects and decor. Let yourself be charmed by a type of decoration and add a Nippon touch everywhere you go.