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Japanese paper lantern Tottori

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Japanese paper lantern 'Tottori' Japanstreet
Japanese paper lantern 'Tottori' Japanstreet

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Immerse yourself in the richness of Japanese culture with our Daruma paper lantern.

A harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Wear with pride this lantern adorned with a scarlet daruma, an icon symbolizing perseverance and luck in Japanese tradition. This pristine white lantern offers a striking contrast that's sure to catch the eye.

With its slender silhouette, this lantern captures attention while diffusing a soft, soothing light, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and reflection. Ideal for decorating your interior, it can also enhance your outdoor spaces, provided it's protected from the elements.

Its easy installation means you can quickly transform your surroundings into a sanctuary imbued with the Japanese spirit. Invite the wisdom of daruma into your home and enjoy lighting that's both aesthetic and symbolic.

  • Size: 15x25cm / 20x25cm
  • Material : paper

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