Japanese Noren

The Japanese noren, a curtain multifunction

The noren curtain is a decorative accessory very common in Japan and its culture! It is a kind of Japanese curtain that takes the form of a rectangle with a central cut to pass inside separating the vision of each side of your rooms. It is a way to pass and separate two rooms in an efficient and equally logical way without having to open a door.

The Japanese noren serves as a curtain between two rooms for discretion and privacy without having to open and close doors. It decorates your room dividers with a traditional Japanese pattern in order to give you a unique style and a pronounced identity.
Can protect from the wind or sun rays, because you may not know it but the noren is a traditional Japanese curtain that can also be placed in front of the windows to protect from light!

The traditional noren offers a multitude of possibilities and it is up to you to tame the one that suits you best! It will express your personality and will reflect the atmosphere of your room, knowing how to choose the right Japanese noren is knowing what the Japanese symbols correspond to. You will find in our store a huge choice of Japanese noren, all very atypical and presenting unique works.

If you are a fanatic of the whole world of Japan then you have surely already noticed these Japanese curtains with very atypical patterns of the Japanese spirit, these curtains are still used in many homes in Japan and especially in businesses like grocery store, or night shop!