Japanese Noren 'Carpe Koi'

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Japanese Noren with koi carp print

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Japanese Noren with koi carp print

On this split Japanese curtain, cut through the center, the illustration depicts two koi carp sailing against the current of a river. These emblematic fish symbolize valour, endurance and daring.

According to Nipponese myth, thousands of carp each year undertake the ascent of the Yellow River against the current. Only the most daring reach the top of the waterfall and are transformed into golden dragons. The others will try again the following year, a magnificent lesson in perseverance!

This Japanese noren curtain will add a certain cachet to your interior design, whether hung against your wall or used as a divider between two spaces.

 Material : Made from 100% linen

 Embroidered in the traditional way

 Maximum comfort: soft to the touch


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