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Japanese Accessories for Enthusiasts

Looking for a Japanese accessory to complete your Nippon-inspired style? You're in the right place. Here, you'll find everything you need to enhance your outfit inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

Variety of Japanese Fans

Whether you prefer a plain or floral-printed design, plastic or bamboo, silk fabric or Japanese paper, round or classic, our Japanese fans cater to all preferences. Essential for combating the heat with elegance, foldable Japanese fans easily slip into your handbag, ready to accompany you everywhere.

For a party, ceremony, or wedding, choose a fan that matches your dress. In addition to being practical, it will become a true fashion accessory.

Obi Belts for Men and Women

What is a kimono without its obi belt? This essential clothing accessory plays a crucial role in wearing a kimono or yukata. Besides holding these Japanese garments in place, the obi belt, often adorned with sumptuous patterns, is considered a jewel that adds the finishing touch to your outfit.

At Univers du Japon, discover obi belts for men and women, available in traditional and modern designs, easy to wear.

Modern and Traditional Japanese Masks

The mask culture is ubiquitous in Japan, from traditional theater to pop culture. Our collection of Japanese masks includes traditional masks worn during festivals and fabric anti-pollution masks for daily use.

The most popular traditional masks often represent famous yôkai, such as the Kitsune fox, the Hannya ghost, or the Tengu demon. They can be used as costume accessories for Cosplay events or themed parties.

Fabric masks, or masuku, are commonly used by many Japanese people. Used to protect against pollution, pollen, or germs, they have also become Japanese fashion accessories for young people.