Japanese Geta 'Toyohashi'

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Japanese geta woman
The Japanese geta for women and men with its flat sole and comfortable strap

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The Japanese geta for women and men with a flat sole and comfortable strap

Without a doubt, the best way to complete a traditional style is to wear a good pair of Japanese wooden geta. These shoes are known to improve posture and reduce back pain, making them a great choice if you have trouble standing up straight or sit at a desk all day!

They are also comfortable thanks to their flat soles, typical of these Japanese shoes. Moreover, their platforms allow your kimono to never get dirty! This model is a discreet and refined classic for a perfect initiation to the Japanese clothing culture!

Lightweight wooden geta perfect for initiation

Sole height: 5cm

Rubber coating under the teeth

Thick and comfortable strap without unpleasant rubbing

100% woven cotton straps

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