Kimono Jacket for Women 'Haruko'

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Kimono Jacket for Women
The japanese kimono jacket for women and its Kanji character

Product details

The japanese kimono jacket for women and its Kanji character

This modern haori is the perfect way to make your outfit more graceful. The lightweight, reinforced polyester fabric allows for wide, soft sleeves, giving you a seductive look that nothing else in the world will match! You can feel confident knowing that this piece was made with a high quality finish.

Its precise fit exudes elegance with its traditional strengths and versatility. These women's blouses dress up everything from casual denim days to the most atypical work outfits.

The kimono jacket has been a staple of Japanese fashion for centuries and it's no surprise that many designers are now paying homage to this classic style. If you want the most dramatic look, try pairing your favorite piece with heels! Add a touch of elegance by tying the belt of the printed kimono jacket.

This garment is one size fits all, a chart with the exact measurements of this piece is available below

Superior quality : reinforced polyester fabric

Printed pattern: precise 3D digital printing

Maximum comfort: soft to the touch and without unpleasant friction

Oversized cut for a guaranteed Japanese streetwear style


Size (cm) Chest Length Shoulders
Unique 126 69 76

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