Japanese oni mask 'Hannya'

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Japanese oni mask

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Explore the world of folklore with the Japanese Oni mask in resin

    The Japanese Oni mask is an iconic costume accessory in Japanese culture. It is often associated with the mythology and legends of ancient Japan, where the Oni were fearsome and terrifying demons.

    It is characterized by its unique appearance, with horns, claws and a bright red face in its original form although it can be represented in a multitude of colors. It is often worn during traditional festivals in Japan, such as New Year's Day or the Hanami Spring Festival.

    In addition to its function as a disguise, the Oni mask is also used in the performing arts, such as theater and Kabuki, where it is used to embody mythical or fantastic characters. In summary, the Japanese Oni mask is an iconic object of Japanese culture, rich in history and symbolic meaning.

    • Size: 20,5cm x 26cm
    • Material: Resin
    • Mask for adults and teenagers
    • Ideal for a gift or a decoration

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