Real Japanese Mask 'Komori'

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Real Japanese Mask

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Hang a new decoration on the wall with the real japanese mask

The Japanese theater mask is an iconic part of the Japanese theater tradition, which has a rich and complex history. Japanese theater is an art form that dates back to the prehistoric era in Japan, and has evolved over the centuries to become one of the most unique and complex forms of theater in the world.

Japanese theater masks have been used for centuries to represent characters in plays. They are hand-carved with incredible precision, and are often made from quality wood.

The Japanese mask is thus a central element of the Japanese theatrical tradition, reflecting the history, culture and myths of that country. They are used in kabuki and noh plays, which are two traditional forms of Japanese theater, to create a dramatic and moving atmosphere, and continue to be an essential part of these forms of theater today.

  • Height : 30cm
  • Width : 18cm
  • Material : Wood
  • Hand carved
  • Mask for decorative use only
  • Ideal for a gift or a wall decoration

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