Traditional Japanese Painting 'Ukiyo'

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Traditional Japanese Painting
The traditional Japanese painting in warm colors

Product details

The traditional Japanese painting in warm colors

  • Hanging rods made of pine
  • Cotton cord matching the color of the rods
  • 200g/m² (80 lb) paper weight, perfect for strong, durable posters
  • Use of FSC®-certified paper and chopsticks or with equivalent certifications, depending on regional availability (It's better for the planet)
  • Shipped in sturdy packaging, guaranteeing delivery in perfect condition

Looking for a traditional Japanese painting that captures the beauty and mystery of the Far East? Then you'll love our ukiyo-e print, which perfectly replicates the style of this iconic art form.

And because it's a print, you can enjoy all the beauty of traditional Japanese painting without having to worry about damage or deterioration, which means it will last for generations to come. So don't wait, order your canvas today!

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