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At Japan-Clothing, we love to present you with quality products that can add value to your collection or lifestyle.

That's why we are thrilled to introduce you to our new partner Katana-Heaven.com, a store dedicated to authentic katanas.

🟣 A Sharp Special Collection

Katana Aile de l'Ange
(Acier T10)
Katana Sekiro Lame Pourpre
(Acier T10 Violet)
Katana Rong Wu
(Acier Carbone 1060)
Katana Ghost of Tsushima Premium
(Acier T10)

🟣 A Special Manga Collection

Katana Zoro Enma Noir One Piece
(Acier Carbone 1060)
Katana Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach
(Acier Carbone 1060)
Katana Rengoku Kyojuro
(Acier Carbone 1060)
Katana Kusanagi Sasuke Uchiwa
(Acier Carbone 1060)
  • Katana-Heaven Exclusive

Customize your Katana without limits

The art of forging a katana is a Japanese tradition that dates back centuries.

While the essence of this ancient art relies on time-tested techniques and strict standards, modernity now offers us the opportunity to add a personal touch to these iconic swords.

Thanks to the customization tool on Monkatana.fr, you can now create a katana that truly reflects your style and essence.

Choose your Blade, Tsuba, Samegawa, Tsuka-ito, Menuki, Habaki, Sageo, and even your Sheath (Saya).

Why order from Katana-Heaven.com?

Superior quality compared to the market

All the katanas sold on the site are made with high-quality materials, ensuring not only their beauty but also their durability

The Katana brand with the lowest prices

Multiple online stores sell Katanas. We have found for you the shop with the lowest prices while maintaining the highest quality in the market.

An impressive variety of models

Whether you are a collector or an enthusiast, Katana-Heaven.com offers a wide range of katanas, allowing everyone to find the katana that suits them.

Fast and secure delivery

Don't worry about delivery times. Katana-Heaven.com ensures that each order is processed quickly and delivered safely to your door.

A customer service dedicated to listening to you

Do you have any questions or concerns? The customer support team at Katana-Heaven.com is always there to help and guide you through live chat or email contact.

A multitude of genuine positive testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, check out the numerous testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers who have trusted Katana-Heaven.com.