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Adopt a casual style now with the streetwear pants. Whether it's Japanese patterns, military, blue, beige or black, you'll find what you need.

The streetwear pants, a fashion must-have

The collections of the famous streetwear pant were born in the middle of the 90s thanks to the urban style very inspired and appreciated by the streetwear universe and hip hop fashion. These wide leg pants are currently very trendy and include camouflage pants as well as trellis trousers which aim to take utility fashion to new horizons. Indeed, the cargo that we know nowadays has kept its qualities, entirely linked to the military spirit at its origin, it is today a functional clothing that has become trendy for a lifestyle oriented use.

Over the years, it has become the work pants, as much for all trades as for surveying the mountains or the forest. These loose fitting pants allow you to maintain a freedom of movement that you will appreciate no matter the season. They also have a very good reputation for their practicality thanks to their pockets and their resistance to the elements. Designed 100% for the outdoors with quality materials, they are just as important and trendy when it comes to walking down the streets of your city!

The cargo pants streetwear and its various styles

As you probably know if you are a fan of casual pants, they come in many colors. The most common are: black, brown, gray, olive green and beige without forgetting the military color. Beyond the different styles as for a chic outfit, streetwear or skatewear, they offer a diversity without equal!

  • The streetwear men's cargo pants with carrot cut merge perfectly with several styles for a modern look.
  • The military streetwear pants will bring you an unbeatable streetwear look thanks to its camouflage print.
  • The black or gray streetwear pants to wear a workwear outfit like in America.
  • The baggy flared cargo pants, pillar of the 90's for an old school look.
  • Details like prints, laces or zippers for a flashier outfit.

A cargo pants for a new style

For men's wardrobe, cargo pants are an essential piece. With few accessories, you can create a real relaxed style. It is possible to wear it with a Japanese t-shirt or a Japanese sweater to have a trendy look in 2021. The cargo pants is a pant halfway between jogging and jeans and focuses mainly on the classy and casual aspect. This bottom was designed for those who do not like to go out in the city like a jogger but still like comfort, the cargo pants will be the perfect piece.

In the 21st century, many men have become addicted to its casual and trendy side. The pants cargo are mainly worn by skateboarders, streetwear lovers or hikers adept at high mountain. Between the baggy and the slimfit in a more resistant version, you will like its modern aspect giving you a cool look. It will be difficult to find better! The cargo fashion has now spread to Asia where it has become an outwear classic.

The mens cargo pants mix comfort and quality

For the very active people, the cargo pant will be the master piece thanks to its ultra resistant materials, it will resist to the wear of time and to the advantage of not deteriorating as simply as a jean or a chino. The materials used for the design of the cargo make them functional pants! Its major asset is without hesitation its loose fit allowing you to move freely during physical efforts such as walking, mountain, skateboarding, bmx or any other sport. There is also an alternative in case of strong heat, it is obviously the cargo shorts! A perfect piece to continue your activities under the sun.

You will find some cargo pants for men with removable bottoms, so it will be possible to remove them depending on the temperature for a transformation into cargo shorts. The cargo pants for men will have everything to satisfy you even by high temperature by putting it in bermuda mode to combine quality and comfort while maintaining the practical side. It will be even easier to find a streetwear outfit to have a comfortable outfit from head to toe.