Japanese Geta 'Utsomita'

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The Japanese walnut wood shoe, a model for men and women
Japanese wood shoe

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The Japanese walnut wood shoe, a model for both men and women

For those looking to adopt a traditional Japanese outfit and add comfortable and durable indoor shoes, these wooden geta are ideal. The wood used in their construction is of excellent quality and lightweight, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down by your shoes!

And thanks to the cotton strap that holds them around both feet, you won't have to worry about foot support, plus you can be sure you won't slip or trip when you're out and about thanks to the thin rubber layer under the teeth of these Japanese geta for men and women.

Lightweight wooden geta perfect for initiation

Sole height: 5cm

Rubber coating under the teeth

Thick and comfortable strap without unpleasant friction

100% woven cotton straps

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