Japanese Haori Pattern 'Dragon x Ramen'

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Japanese Haori Pattern
Haori pattern in a japanese design representing a dragon eating its bowl of ramen

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Haori pattern in a japanese design representing a dragon eating its bowl of ramen

The Haori Jacket is a jacket from Japan that is often printed with motifs from Japanese culture. One of these motifs is the Japanese dragon, a mythical animal known for its strength and power.

On this haori, the Japanese dragon is shown eating a bowl of ramen, a popular dish in Japan that consists of wheat noodles cooked in broth and served in a bowl.

This unique and colorful pattern adds a touch of Japanese style and culture to any outfit. If you're a fan of the Japanese world and are looking to add an original touch to your outfit, this kimono jacket with a dragon engulfing a bowl of ramen is a perfect choice.

This garment is in Japanese size, please consider taking a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide

Superior quality : made of 100% polyester for strength and durability

Printed pattern : ultra precise 3D digital printing

Unisex : Japanese mixed clothing
Maximum comfort : soft to the touch and without unpleasant rubbing

Oversized cut for a guaranteed Japanese streetwear style


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