Japanese Wooden Mask 'Shiata'

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Japanese Wooden Mask

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Import a piece of tradition into your home with our traditional japanese wooden mask

The traditional Japanese mask is an iconic part of Japanese culture, which has a rich history and unique traditions. Japan is a country with deep cultural roots, which has developed a wide variety of traditions and practices over the centuries.

Traditional Japanese masks have been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, festivals and plays to portray characters and create drama. They are often hand-carved with incredible precision, and are made from precious woods.

Japanese masks are therefore an essential part of Japanese culture, reflecting the history, myths and traditions of the country. They are appreciated all over the world for their beauty and quality, and continue to be an important part of Japanese culture today.

  • Height : 22cm
  • Width : 16cm
  • Material : Wood
  • Hand carved
  • Mask for decorative use only
  • Ideal for a gift or a wall decoration

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