One Piece Wall Art 'Monkey D Luffy'

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One Piece Wall Art
The Monkey D Luffy Japanese wall art for One Piece fans wanting to decorate their room

Product details

The Monkey D Luffy Japanese wall art for One Piece fans wanting to decorate their room

  • Free delivery in 4 to 6 days
  • Hanging rods made of pine
  • Cotton cord matching the color of the rods
  • 200g/m² (80 lb) paper weight, perfect for strong, durable posters
  • Use of FSC®-certified paper and chopsticks or with equivalent certifications, depending on regional availability (It's better for the planet)
  • Shipped in sturdy packaging, guaranteeing delivery in perfect condition

Are you a fan of Japanese manga or anime? If so, you may be hooked on One Piece! With this painting of Monkey D. Luffy, join the crew and the fans of the license. This painting shows Luffy preparing for battle. He's the future king of pirates, and he needs to keep progressing if he's to become the freest man in the world.

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