Woman's Nagajuban 'Under-Kimono'

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Nagajuban for Women
Nagajuban Woman

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The Nagajuban for Women is worn under the kimono, it is used as underwear in Japan.

This nagajuban is worn under the kimono to prevent it from coming in contact with the skin. It looks like a kind of Japanese cotton underwear, and can be easily cleaned unlike the kimono or complex garments requiring special care.

For a more streamlined look, you can slip this rigid part called Eri shin. It is designed to shape your collar and give it an elegant form, perfect for any occasion but not essential.

The size of this nagajuban can be adjusted to your body shape by tightening the datejime belt more or less.

Premium quality: cotton and spandex, strong and reinforced stitching

Premium comfort : T-cut for a perfect fit

Original design: unique nagajuban revisited according to traditional fashion

Cut made from Japanese patterns


Note : This model is suitable for women between 1m50 and 1m80.

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