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Whether it's to complete a casual outfit to enjoy the weekend, a cosplay night requiring a Japanese costume or a traditional event, the japanese kimono for women is a must-have for your wardrobe.

The japanese kimono for women, a traditional clothing not to be missed

In Japanese culture, clothing trends are untouchable. That's why the kimono dress or the long kimono will always be a must-have for traditional parties, weddings or any other special occasion.

During the summer period in Japan, otherwise known as the country of the rising sun, the kimono is replaced by the yukata womens, a light cotton kimono that can be worn even when you go out of the Onsen thanks to its unequalled comfort, this variant is indeed adapted to summer. During the winter season, we will rather talk about the long kimono for women, a traditional garment worn during special events such as wedding ceremonies or tea ceremony!

Let's talk about the main subject of this collection: the women's japanese kimono, after having crossed the ages and the Edo period, it has become over the years the traditional japanese costume not to be missed during a trip to Japan. Indeed, this Japanese garment is mainly made of soft and thick cotton, silk or satin polyester fabric harmonized by traditional japanese patterns.

It is equally important to talk about the way you put on the japanese kimono, it is essential to close the left side on the right side and to learn how to tie the obi belt to have a perfect knot. In addition, you should not neglect the traditional Japanese shoes called "Geta", a wooden sandal popular in Japan allowing the kimono not to drag on the ground. The three-quarter sleeves or furisode of the kimono are wide and long allowing to air the body during the mid-season.

Nowadays, the japanese style kimono allows to approach different styles in order to be ready whatever the occasion. Sometimes in the form of Japanese pajamas, bathrobe or robe to be comfortable when you are at home, other times used as an evening dress. Whether you prefer to wear a kimono jacket or a traditional japanese kimono, a colorful kimono or a much more sober piece like a black kimono, we know that they will highlight your feminine figure in the best way.

Also worn as loungewear, women's kimonos are sometimes used to replace the nightgown. You will not get tired of the floral prints, the representations of the famous cherry blossoms or the Japanese landscapes filled with flights of cranes. We guarantee elegance even when you come out of the hot springs!

You have come here to offer an original gift to your companion but you also want to treat yourself? Don't hesitate to visit our collection of japanese womens kimono with traditional and authentic patterns, so you will be matched like a real Japanese couple!

We would like to point out that the sizes of our women's kimonos correspond to Japanese sizes, so it is important to consult the size guide in the descriptions before making your final choice.