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The famous Maneki Neko will bring you happiness and prosperity, this Japanese Cat is a real fortune magnet, adopt this traditional lucky charm.

Maneki Neko, symbolic lucky charm

This statue of the famous Japanese cat is a real magnet for money, happiness, luck and fortune. All their colors have a specific meaning, will you find yours? In traditional Japanese culture, the maneki neko is displayed at the entrance of family homes or small shops as well as restaurants. This cat is a very special lucky charm!

This japanese lucky charm has a wonderful cat with a big smile on his face, he is always sitting and raising his paw, sometimes both at the same time! This traditional lucky charm is called Maneki Neko in the Japanese culture. The French translation would be: "Le chat qui invite". The Japanese beliefs are that :

  • Right paw up: facilitates money and luck.
  • Left paw: favors the reception and the customer-shop relationship.
  • Two paws: together protect the house or the establishment.

The Japanese cat, colors & variations

In our time, we find it under many variations, key rings, plush, piggy banks, bracelets or necklaces and under many other forms. Today the famous Japanese cat is everywhere, it has been introduced in the whole world to bring its luck and its benevolence everywhere!

In addition to its classic white color, it exists in different colors according to their meanings, among them we find :

  • Pink or Red: it strengthens relationships & love.
  • Black: it contributes to good health by keeping away evil spirits.
  • Blue or Green: it encourages academic and professional success.
  • Golden: it simply symbolizes money.

By discovering our collection of Japanese lucky charms you will realize that we have this Japanese cat in all its facets. It is said that by offering it to one of your friends, his happiness and luck will be increased tenfold. Or, get it to bring fortune and prosperity to your family by putting it in your house. As you can see, Maneki-Neko is essential for Japanese families and many people strongly believe in its power. To know more about this emblematic Japanese cat, discover our blog article to know everything about the Maneki Neko.