Women's Hakama 'Naitoburu

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During the Kamakura period, the Hakama was a pair of pants reserved for samurai and certain people in distinct professions. It was worn mainly over atraditional kimono and was a must-have when practicing Aikido or other martial arts such as Kendo.

Today, this Japanese low is revisited to please the western fashion and to be worn by whoever wants to. In Japan, the Hakama pants are nowadays considered as one of the most fashionable stockings for a casual style, it is no longer reserved for men as it was during the Edo era!

Whether it is patterned, plain or colored, it is known to be a Japanese pants very resistant and allows to avoid any kind of burns on a tatami during the practice of your favorite martial art. Nevertheless, it will be essential to know how to maintain it in order to keep it intact.

This garment is in Japanese size, think to take a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide

High quality : cotton fabric

Unisex : mixed Japanese clothing
Maximum comfort: soft to the touch and without unpleasant friction

Flexible waist: adjustable belt for a casual Japanese style


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