Haori Cosplay 'Koi x Sakura'

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Haori Cosplay
Haori cosplay from Tokyo with koi carp pattern and cherry blossoms

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Haori cosplay from Tokyo with koi carp pattern and cherry blossoms

The Tokyo Haori is a jacket that crosses traditions and is often printed with motifs that are emblematic of Japanese culture. One such motif is the Koi carp, a symbolic fish that is often associated with longevity and strength. The Koi carp is also considered a good luck charm in Japan and is often depicted in Japanese visual art and literature.

The Haori is also often printed with sakura flowers, another strong symbol of Japanese culture. Sakura flowers, also known as cherry blossoms, symbolize ephemeral beauty and are often associated with poetry and contemplation.

If you are a fan of the Japanese world and are looking to add a touch of style and culture to your wardrobe, this timeless print is a perfect choice.

This garment is in Japanese size, please consider taking a size above the one you usually take, or refer to the size guide

Superior quality : made of 100% polyester for an outstanding resistance and durability

Printed pattern : ultra precise 3D digital printing

Unisex : mixed Japanese clothing
Maximum comfort : soft to the touch and without unpleasant rubbing

Oversized cut for a guaranteed Japanese streetwear style


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