Kimono Tops Women 'Harumi'

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Kimono Tops Women
The kimono tops for women with white cranes

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The kimono tops for women with white cranes

It's summer and we want our bodies to stay cool, even under 35°C. The women's kimono jacket with Japanese crane print is the ideal solution to stay stylish thanks to its fluid material that allows you to feel light while letting your skin breathe all day long! A must-have piece in your Japanese wardrobe, especially when the heat is on.

This bird is an important symbol in Japan since ancient times, its long neck represents longevity as well as the ability to restore peace between people of different regions or cultures. The crane is without a doubt one of the most respected animals in the land of the rising sun.

This garment is one size fits all, a chart containing the precise measurements of this piece is available below

Superior quality : reinforced polyester fabric

Printed pattern : precise 3D digital printing

Maximum comfort: soft to the touch and without unpleasant friction

Oversized cut for a guaranteed Japanese streetwear style


Size (cm) Length Shoulder Chest
Unique 73 62 120

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